Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Reflections #36

Reflections at the riverbank of Sarawak River.


  1. apa kapah?

    When did you go to Sarawak? My home state?

    Did you go on the boat. many West Malaysians are afraid of our boats.

  2. Hi Ann.. You are from Sarawak? Oh dear, I love the city, it's my 2nd time visiting and definitely will go there again :) Anyway, it only costs me fifty sen to go across the river :) Still cheap, eh? :)

  3. Dear Fini,

    I'm glad I've discovered your beautiful blog! :-)

    Your contribution for this weekend is a very nice photo with a rich composition and multiple reflections, which enjoys the viewer.

    Have a delightful Sunday,


  4. I love the contrast--the simple wooden dock on the shore in the foreground, and the modern steel and glass on the other side.


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